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Stay away from our wedding. You’ve done enough damage. I never want to see you again. We drove around for days in a stolen motorhome with the dead Dirk Kowalski. It wasn’t stolen, I borrowed it. Without telling anyone? I screwed up on set and now I owe the producer , euros. I need the money from the wedding movie. Unbelievable. And you told me it was to help our frantic friend Martin. I can forget my promotion now. Your boss called yesterday when you were in the ambulance. What? Something about a sheepdog and a guy called Peter The Schätzing campaign? And you’re telling me now? I forgot! The pony distracted me It was important! Calm down! You didn’t want the job anyway. Are you trying to me over? You forgot on purpose. You didn’t want to be left alone with the movie. No, Lukas! I just forgot about it! Bullshit, Adam! Unlike you, I’d never let you down! You’ve been at my place for over two years! Because your ex was fed up of such a A what? A career-obsessed with a huge great stick up his ass! I’ll move out tomorrow.