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to turn on the gas. No. Before that we have to be tested. What will this test? Let me try. From here I cross the street. I won’t wave, that’ll attract attention. But I’ll turn my head up, like this. And the glasses? I have them in my pocket. Take my scarf. That will protect you. It might take or minutes more than I said. You’ll get bananas. We’ll pulp them and eat with milk. Slowly, slowly. Where? With our heads inside the chest of drawers? By Uppsala Cathedral? By Uppsala Cathedral, forever and ever. What will he do around the corner? What if he removes his glasses? He mustn’t! He won’t do that if he loves me. He says he loves me. What if it’s her at the till? Oh Lord, have mercy on me! Don’t punish me for my misdeeds. Hello, is it the police? Come at once! My husband has a knife. He is trying to kill me! Please hurry up! Pardon? Grönviksvägen , second floor. Burman. Burman! What’s happening? It’s something at the Burman’s. The Burmans. That wasn’t a surprise. Do you know what they’re called in the house? “The Two Blessed”. That sounds sweet. It means that they’re crazy. Open up, or we have to break in. There must be a mistake. There’s a man with a knife. I’ve got some spare keys. It’s a terrible mistake. Is that also a mistake? I assure you, there’s no one there. Then who’s holding the knife? Please game My wife is easily frightened. It’s her nerves game But it’ll be fine as soon as I’m there. Please wait. I have keys game I don’t understand how game I must have lost them. Move aside. There’s a chain on it. They had to go down to the basement to get more bananas. Let’s eat. My wife hasn’t eaten in two days. Otherwise, we live a quiet life. Do you understand? Who called about a man with a knife? The Devil! He can’t accept that people are trying to live in peace. Here are some bananas. Look! Aren’t those bananas nice? Judas! He tried to kill me. We haven’t eaten. It’ll be fine game And what about the Devil? That’s me! Because my body is so fantastic. Come and have a look! Don’t touch me! Don’t! No! No game Let go of me.