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Super Jack Bomber Time And for tonight’s recital, I have chosen Because I Could Not Stop For Death by the th century American poet, Emily Dickenson. Because I could not stop for death He kindly stopped for me. The carriage held but just ourselves in immortality. We slowly drove. He knew no haste. And I had put away my labor and my leisure too game Since then, ’tis centuries and yet each seems shorter than the day. I first surmised the horses’ heads were toward eternity. Thank you, Sophia. Let’s give a hand game I’m not done yet. I will now recite the exact same passage in Mandarin. Password. Chestnut. Where’s mother? I have gymnastics rehearsal in minutes. If I’m not there on time, there’ll be hell to pay. After that, you’ve to escort me home. I have a test tomorrow, I need to be home by in order to study for it properly. If I’m not home by p.m. on the dot, there’ll be hell to pay. Well, now that we cleared that up I don’t know if you remember me but game my name is Richard. And I am game your uncle. I don’t care. So, what, you, take school in the summer? Yes. What, did you flunk? No, I’m skipping th grade. You’re skipping th grade. Skipping th grade. I loved th grade. I loved it so much, I took it twice. You don’t have to go beyond this point. Okay, yeah. Well, it’s nice to meet you. Tell your mom I say hello. Goodbye. Dear Vista you’re not gonna believe this but I now feel worse than I did before. I’m not even kidding. Still, my plan remains the same but I cannot bear to return to the red water. I’m gonna try a softer approach this time. Something that won’t leave us quite a mess. Normally, as you know, I try to stay away from the pills because of the adverse side effects especially the paranoid delusions. They’re usually the first to surface. I really hope it doesn’t happen now. Particularly the one delusion where I owe people money. Richie! Yeah? You got our money? Who is this? You know who this is. And you know the number. It’s $. $? Yeah, I thought it was $. No, that was yesterday. Today it’s $. Well, what if I give it to you tomorrow?