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   Super Joe And she looks blissful. So my old-man smell would make her happy? Very happy! I’m not sure how I feel about that, but… You have passed the inspection. So you’ll let me rent her? Yes. I need you to sign here. Oh, thank you. NAME: GORO YOSHIDA Thanks. BREED: A New Games THAT LIKES OLD-MAN SMELL UNTIL I GO BACK TO LIVE WITH MY FAMILY Will this be OK? Yes, no problem. Now, how much? Well, for the down payment… just this much, please. – , yen? – No. – , yen? – Are you kidding? , yen. -That much? -Is it too much? – Oh, no… It’s not enough! – Do you think so? After all, you’re lending me such an adorable kitten. That’s right. But, will you be OK? Can you get by? Do I look like I’m having trouble getting by? Well… Super Joe Oh, no! I’m doing fine! I have another steady job besides my rent-a-New Games business. What’s that? I’m a fortune teller. I’m famous for my amazing accuracy. They call me the “Mother of Super Joe”. Is that so? Fortune telling is all I’ve been good at since I was young. Amazing! Then could you tell me my fortune sometime? I’m in high demand, so you’d have to get in line.