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But there’s a weak link: the couriers. If the police ID them, they can dismantle the network. You’re a courier, right? That takes a lot of courage. Cut it out, Louis. How much was my bail? CHF ,. Where did you find the money? I managed. I don’t like this. You could thank me. I didn’t ask you for anything. What do you mean, “you managed”? I managed! It’s none of your business. Lord, please take Marie-Rose Valence who passed away. Lord Jesus, we entrust her to You, Who will open the gates to Your heavenly kingdom. Amen. This is it! I’ll leave you now. You’re not staying? Burning a body is a sin. Really? Did she want to be incinerated or was it your decision? It was hers. I would’ve liked to see her. We’re waiting for the urn. This feels very funny. Death helps us focus on what is important. I don’t need your pity. What makes you think it’s pity? What is it, then? I don’t know. You looked sad. Shall we go? I only saw her once a year, at Christmas. Now that she’s dead, it’s as if she were a stranger. You can sleep here, if you want. Does it suit you? Yes. I’ve to go back to Geneva. I’m teaching at AM. If she goes back, we can spend time together. Relax. What’s the matter? It feels so small now. The bed used to be there! This used to be our bedroom! Can I shower? Go ahead. What do you want to do now? For me, it’s simple. I feel as though I haven’t lived all that I wanted to live. That’s it. What about you? Think this is the right time to discuss this? Yes. You want to stay in Geneva in your apartment? You want to live here? What about us? Do you want kids? They’d have to be or years old at birth. I can’t stand babies. Be serious. Do you want kids or not? Yes. Stop it! What’s the matter? Don’t you love me? We invited the neighbors for drinks. I hope it won’t be awkward. Won’t you help me? Yes. Are you married? Yes. I was denied political asylum. It was the only way I could stay in Belgium. How’s that going? It mustn’t be easy? No, it isn’t. Can I come to Geneva with you? I have some friends there. What about Louis?