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All right, let’s crunch some numbers and then maybe we’ll talk about calling Ben. We’re always crunching numbers. When haven’t we crunched the numbers? We’re gonna crunch the numbers like harder… GUARD: I need you out of here. Of course. One second. Yes, ma’am. We’re going. PORTER: Oh, God. I hate this. This is a total waste of time. Oh, come on. Would you relax? There’s a housing development minutes outside town. Mark wants us to check that out first. Well, I hope there are some Cuban restaurants on the way there. Because I heard the Cuban food is amazing in Miami. Please don’t be chipper in the face of me being miserable. It really makes me hate you. How is wanting to eat good food being chipper? Hello? Hello? PORTER: What do these go for? DANNY: $, each? (DOG BARKING) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) What’s up, man? What do you want? Hello. I’m surveying mortgage owners who are over days delinquent. I’m looking for a Harvey Humpsey. You want my landlord’s dog? Your landlord filled out his mortgage application using his dog’s name? I guess so. Wait, has that asshole not been paying his mortgage? ‘Cause I’ve been paying my rent. Well, yeah, he is over days delinquent. Seriously, man, am I gonna have to leave? (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) ‘Cause my kid just got settled in school, man. Hey. How are ya? My name’s Ken. You’re Ken? Um, you should talk to your landlord about that. I’m sorry, I don’t have any more information. But you, um… You have a great day. See ya, Ken. KEN: There’s books everywhere! Books everywhere? Seriously, man, is everything gonna be okay? You should… You should call him. You should give him a call. It’s not my fault, dude. I’ve been paying… (DOOR CREAKING) Hello! Looks like the Mary Celeste. Look. All they took was the TV. DANNY: It’s weird. They didn’t even clean out the cat litter. PORTER: Oh, God. It’s like Chernobyl. There’s like a hundred houses. There can’t be four people living here. Oh, that! Shit! (HEAVY METAL MUSIC PLAYING) MAN: