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get it from your buddy. Guys, could you please give them some space. What was really interesting about that whole process, there was a day where we were making some progress and I just decided that I have to go, I have to get on a plane and go. I don’t know, I can’t… I can’t describe it. I knew, at least felt strongly that it was gonna work out. And all the security guys wanted to debrief him first, and finally I said, “Enough of this ” and just went into the hotel room, and I remember seeing Jim, he had a full beard, and he just grabbed me and said, “Mike.” We both kinda just grabbed each others arms like just to… Is it real? I ordered pizza and as many Heinekens as they could put on a card and about two packs of cigarettes because I knew that’s all they had over there. I looked at them and I said, “I guess I got this one.” And we just stayed up all night. All the family and friends, we were all together waiting for them… and all of a sudden we see these blue lights just rushing at us. We’re like, “Oh, my God, this is Jim. This is… He’s actually here.” I don’t know, it was like a movie. He was just so happy to see everybody. You have a close call. That’s pure luck that you didn’t get killed there. It’s not worth seeing your mother or father bawling and worrying about your grandmother dying because you’re in prison. It’s not… It’s not worth these things. And outside in my parent’s home in a comfortable house in New Hampshire, I sort of had to start processing. I was horrified to learn how much my friends and family had done to help me. I was inspired and I was horrified. It was a weird feeling of like going to your own funeral, you know? There’s no going back from something like this. Some of the things that I’ll never be able to change, but I wish that I could. This is Jim’s blazer from when he spoke at Marquette, this brown one. Bunch of stuff to go through. Yeah, so Jim lived with us for what, three months? Summer… Summer after he was released from Libya? Summer until… Yeah, up until he went back. He used to have all his clothes in here. You can still see his Camelbak from the field. Sleeping bags. All his sleeping bags. Yeah. That was his bed right there. He’d always crash out there. So it was cool having Jim here, especially after him having been gone to Libya because… I think when he came back, you know… Like you just wanted to touch him a lot because… I don’t know, for me it was like, poke and just make sure he’s real and it was almost, you’re just more appreciative of him and especially with the kids, you know, getting to have him here because he was always on the go. They loved him, Uncle Jim. They’d come downstairs at the crack of dawn and wake him up. It was good as much as it… I think he kind of like, you know, had an itch he couldn’t scratch when he was domesticated. When Jim came back from Libya, I offered him a full-time job here as an editor and while he sorted out what he would do next. And he sat right outside my office. He was grateful to have the job, but working in an office was