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my hands♪ I’m learning to be happy with me♪ Happy with me♪ Happy with meThanks, everyone. That’s all the songs I know. Bye. What are you doing here? I came to support you. Even paid my bucks. Well, I-I really appreciate it, Glen. You know, I-I got to go, though. I wrote two new songs this week. Seeing you and Laura in the studio, it reminded me of who I used to be. It inspired me. You inspired me. What are you gonna do? Listen. Listen, everybody. Please, listen. Wow. There are a lot of them. Holy cow. Laura Games Laura would love to do an encore for you guys. Believe me, she would, but she doesn’t know any more songs. Come on. Listen, I hear you. I feel the pain, but I have a surprise for you. Um, I got another band that’s gonna come up in just a minute. Just stick around, please. Just stick around, and I’ll tell you why. Everyone in this room has a band that Games that the minute they heard them, it changed their life. The next band, they did that for me, and I just know when you guys hear them, you’ll understand what I’m saying. Just stay. You won’t regret it. Ladies and gentlemen, The Damnsels will be up on the stage in just a minute. Okay, I’ll go get them. I wrote this song for my daughter. Whoo! Ow!I stood on a bridge♪ And threw the good book out to the water♪ I watched for ages as its pages turned to the wind♪ When I found God, it was in the face of my daughter♪ And I ain’t turnin’ back, no♪ I ain’t turnin’ back♪ I ain’t turnin’ back♪ Again♪ Oh, Grace♪ Grace♪ I was lost, I was caught up in the chase♪ Gave me faith♪ Gave me something to believe in♪ A saving grace♪ Grace♪ I was lost, I was caught up in the chase♪ Then your sweet face gave me something to believe in♪ A saving graceYou guys want to do this?Who-o-o-o-o-a♪ Yeah, yeah♪ Trust turning to dust♪ Leave if you must♪ But keep a light on♪ Don’t get me going on things♪ You know what I bring♪ When I need to fight on♪ Points I believe have been made♪ And I don’t wanna be your anodyneI got to hand it to you, kid. You really pulled that one out of your ass.