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That was covered by the insurance. No, the producer fired him just for getting Dirk Kowalski’s autograph. I don’t believe it. The asshole! Are you talking about Adam? Black hair, big mouth, hits on anything with a pulse? That’s our Adam. Do you know him? Yeah, he got the autograph for me. Well, you can be sure it’s really worth something now. Bad luck, Coffee Boy. What? Lukas? What are you doing? Fetch your own coffee. I’ve got something better to do. If you shoot off out of here, you’re fired! Good idea, Thierry. Morning, Lukas. You’re up early. Can’t you sleep? How about a Moscow Mule? I’m practicing a bit, expanding my portfolio. No, thanks. Have you seen Adam? Not since your fight. Did he say where he was going? He isn’t answering his cell, he’s not at home. He hit on some idea, something to do with these pictures. He wanted to go to Mallorca? No, to Salzgitter. Weird, huh? The motorhome. Thanks, Earl. Motorhome? Dumb-ass. What are you doing here? I wanted to tell you that you were right about my job. And I’m sorry about what I said yesterday.