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You take rest, l’ll meet you tomorrow. Can’t you meet today? l’ve a fashion show tomorrow, l need to get my dress ready. The man we engaged is rocking and achieving the desired result. Get ready to show the film to Subbu, it’ll shock him. l feel like keep watching you forever. lf you marry at this age, that’s what you’ve to do. Who is that? lf you’ve guts, come into the light and talk to me. Why did you come here sir? ls it your dad’s place? To inform you and come. Don’t talk like that before ladies. l’m asking you, why are you here? l came here to tell about celebrations. What celebrations, sir? Your birthday celebrations, tomorrow only. My birthday is two months away not tomorrow, lf you’ve to live till then, you must celebrate your birthday tomorrow. Anyone would celebrate birthday if he’s alive, how come l’ve to celebrate birthday to live? Hey mad man! Living is more important. Why did you invite him sir? Do you’ve to invite media people if there’s trouble? They are also like that only. Happy th birthday! Thanks. seems little on high. Let’s make it then. Did you think like that? You’ve arranged a good party, there’s song and dance too Games lt’s all your grace sir. lt seems you’re enjoying the party, brother-in-law. Cut it. You need a knife. No please, l have it. lleana when seen from left side Games Hot Kareena when seen from the right side Games Tamannah when seen from behind Games Raveena when l see your waist Games lf you look at me once, l can’t hold myself anymore, O beauty Games l’ll steal the treasure of your bewitching beauty Games My youth hit high on seeing your ravishing body Games Passionate desires took over me on seeing your y neck Games Mumaith Khan when l see your sultry beauty Games Taking my life Games lf you wink and make a gesture, won’t Jackie Chan too swoon for it Games l went mad after seeing your lips Games l was awake all the night when your smile taunts me Games Back is hot and front is hotter Games When you walk the swing in you is the hottest Games You? Hit and kill me!