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Yeah! Yes! How’s that for an answer? I say it’s time we band together game and demand a change! Yeah! How’s that for a game ing answer? What do you say? Yes! What do you say? Yes! What do you say? Yes! Minister, Minister, just a minute of your time. I’ve told you the same thing every day for months, Murray. My hands are tied. There’s nothing I can do. But hold on. You do work for the people, don’t you? ‘Cause there’s hundreds, if not thousands, of people out there demanding that you do something. Minister, these people are gonna make their opinions known at the next election. Only a fool would ignore them. I don’t know how many times I can explain it to you. Nothing’s going to happen. It’s not possible, not with just a petition. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I get it. I finally game ing get it. You think you’re just going to catch John Doe, and all this is, what, going to fly away? Just disappear? Magic? You catch John Doe game Just give me a game ing second. You catch John Doe game and this gets worse for you, mate game much worse. Easy, brother, easy. You’re sure this is him? Definitely. He still works at the same nightclub where they killed the kid. It’s stepup time, guys. Take this. What the hell is he doing? Let’s go get this game ing prick. Shit, I think he’s got a baseball bat. Look at hislook at his left hand. Who gives a game what he’s got? There’s three of us, and there’s one of him. Yeah. Let’s do it. Henry. Come on! You! You! Nonono! What do you think, my eyes are game ing painted on, huh? Do you think I’m game ing game ? You think I didn’t see you game ing coming, huh? Stop it! What the game are you doing? Shut the game up, tough guy. game you! game you! Huh? You’re game ing tough now, aren’t you? Hey, John Doe! You game ing want me? Come game ing get me! Stop sending your boys! Those three boys in the car park game it went horribly wrong for them. But it really fired up the Speak for the Dead movement. In what way? They got organized. They got a full head of steam, and they went viral.