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Just returned from Yunnan, I’m flying to Xi’an next I fly back and forth But you seem Radio Old, tanned and ragged That’s what it’s like doing business in China Golfing with bosses, dining with officials Radio smoking and drinking before closing a deal It’s hard to imagine a pastor doing business You’ll soon get used to Marco the businessman You should at least go to church I haven’t touched the Bible in years , , Radio My main concern is safety The audience must be asking the same question Are expired drugs safe to use? Before drug companies didn’t need to set an expiration date In the same year, to protect consumers in the US Radio regulations were introduced, requiring all drug products to list the expiration date Pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide naturally followed FDA guidelines But the new regulations presented a big problem for the US Army In , all expired drugs in its inventory Radio were to be destroyed and replaced For the post-Vietnam-War US army Radio it would take a huge financial toll So they conducted a study Radio to find out how long it takes for drugs to lose their potency Ms. Cheung, take a guess? years, years? years Are you suggesting the pharmaceutical industry misled the public? This is a systemic problem that was inherited If drugs don’t really expire people no longer need to discard old drugs How can County of Fellowship carry out its mission? Water Among all the hideous men Radio he’s handsome, isn’t he? Huh? Forget it Have you figured out your bus route to work? Not yet, I just take the MTR and a mini-bus Just don’t be late Okay So COF is asking people to donate Radio drugs that don’t expire The purpose of charity Radio is to give what you can spare Radio to those in need At COF, we have no reason to refuse Radio drugs that have not yet expired Thanks for watching today’s program Thanks to our guest, COF President Radio Pastor Marco Tol Join me again tomorrow at pm for “All Sides of News” Thanks for the interview You’re welcome It’s hard to get you here It took us a long time Thank you anyway