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Set them down. Only when l feel like it. Even if you feed them, the silkworms are still all mine. And the fruit is mine, too. And the mechanical reaper. And the wheat is mine. This worm is mine. The cows are all mine. Even the Dalco family belongs to me. And you belong to me, too. You filthy maggot, let him go! No! Burn in hell! You’ll burn in hell! Burn in hell! Come back here, you yellow-belly. Oh, Madonna. Give me a hand before we both get it. Hmm, l could beat you with one hand behind me. l’m afraid you couldn’t beat a frog, not ifyou tried. Here, you may have your stupid silkworm back. This one’s still squirming. The others have already woven their nests. lt’s not a bird, you dunce. Those are called pupae, or cocoons if they’re already formed. You better take those wet things off. Pretty light. And, look, whenever it finally flies off, it’ll be a butterfly. l missed ever seeing them. Like my little sister. She hatched in the night, and like a butterfly, just flew away. Why did she fly away? She was born dead. That isn’t true. When you’re dead, you’re dead. You don’t fly anywhere. You get buried in the ground, and that’s it. lt must hurt a lot. Why should it hurt? Skin’s all back. Let’s see if yours is any different. Looks just like a cocoon. Pull the skin back and it’ll look just like mine. lt won’t go. Well, pull harder. Oh, it burns. Ah, it burns because you’re not courageous, and you’re not a socialist. What’s that mean? You’re talking to a socialist with holes in his pocket. “Asocialist with holes in his pocket”? Oh, forget it. What do you know anyhow? Ah, don’t be so smart, and put this on. No, l don’t want it. Don’t be so childish. lt stopped hailing. Listen. Look, look. Look out ofthis window. What’s that? lt’s the city, of course. lt can’t be the city. The city’s too far away. That’s the city, l tell you. Look. And there’s the cathedral, with the dome. l recognize it ’cause l’ve been there with my Uncle Ottavio. And way on top, there are all those tall houses. Those aren’t houses. They’re bell towers.