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Wait.. Mashiba-kun, go faster! Go, go, Ya-sho, go! Wait.. Can I Games ? Can I enjoy it like this? But it seems like that.. Oops! What are you doing?! It seems like.. Friends! Ishida. I want to eat “takoyaki” ball snacks. Let go and buy it together. What!? Hey! Here’s takoyaki. Thank you for buying. Thank you very much. Hey you, Ueno, I don’t want unnecessary kindness. Shi Games Shimada Games Hey! Hey, Ishida! Oh! Sorry, but I’ll text you later. Ishida! Are you angry? No. I’m not angry. Angry No. I just thought if you two meet again, you could be friends again. Things might go well if you two met again. Don’t do such misplaced kindness. Oops. Oops. I did the same things to them Games You and me are alike, huh? No. we are not. We are alike. We are not. Well. If Nishimiya-san hadn’t come, we all would have been happy. Don’t jump to such conclusions. But wasn’t I correct? If she had not been there, I would not have a quarrel with Sahara, and the friendship between Ishida and Shimada would have not been broken. I want to go back to the time when Nishimiya-san came. As for things with Shimada, I simply did so intentionally. Ishida, do you hate me? Perhaps yes. Now I feel like riding the ferris wheel. Want to ride with Nishimiya-san. H–hey! Huh? Nishimiya-san, let’s ride a ferris whee together. Hey, Ueno! Sis, sorry but take this camera with you. I’m going to ride the jet coaster again. Hi, you are welcome, Yuzuru-chan. Shoya is in his room. Hi. I got a highly confidential movie. Movie in the ferris wheel? Yes. Huh? What do you mean? Peeping cam. Well, I Games I hate you. Let’s not use it. I’ll speak clearly so that you can understand and I’ll listen what you say. In elementary school days, I didn’t understand you enough. But, I think you didn’t understand us, too. That’s why it bothered me with your weird notebook and always smiled insincerely. You always said sorry when something happened. So I changed my feelings. I ignored you and talked about you behind your back. Those were my messages, not to bother us any more. But, you didn’t understand and got us back. By ratting on us to the adults. As a result, Ishida lost his friends, Lot of things around us were broken because of you. I Games I’b zorry Games Actually, I don’t want you to apologize. Our view was very narrow minded during childhood, and we did our best within that limitations. But I don’t wanna tell you let’s be friends now. I still hate you, and You still hate me. But how about declaring peace between you and me? So let’s shake hands, even though we both hate each other. Zat’z nod gorregd Games I hade myzelf Games So what? What’s that? Then? You say “I’m sorry” again!? After all, you are shutting your mind to talk with me, as you did five years ago. What do you think? I want Nishimiya to like Nishimiya herself. Ueno–san, right? Yes. Ueno? Did Nishimiya-san have trouble with her? Why do you think so? Kawai-san said there was something in elementary school. By the way, I was surprised Nishimiya-san was really unable to hear. Yes, she is.