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she is your daughter. clearly. i see a lot of this. it’s one of the biggest problems we see in our schools today. parents just aren’t making time for their children, and sometimes the children act out like this cheating to get attention. well, we’ll work on that. good, good. Listen to your daughter. you’d be amazed how many problems can be solved just by doing that. here at our school, we listen to our students, and i’m very proud of that. well, you should be. did you do it? does your mansion really have secret passageways? no, it doesn’t. it wasn’t really cheating. i couldn’t remember this one equation on this one problem, so i asked dillon. but then ms. Parker saw me and she hauled me down to the principal’s office. dillon didn’t even say anything, but it doesn’t matter because i remembered the equation. i just couldn’t then, you know? so it’s not really cheating. you may want to rethink your definition of cheating. i’m so dead. Dad will ground me for sure. do you ever feel like your life is over? i do. And it’s not even fair, because i didn’t mean for it to happen. it just looked wrong, you know? wrong time, wrong place? yeah. dad is going to be so mad. and belle will lecture me, i’m sure, which means i’ll hear it twice, because mike will mimic her. something about being more responsible and not procrastinating, which i wasn’t. she’ll probably tell me some other deep thing. grow from it? yeah. mom wouldn’t have lectured me. do you think about your mom a lot? i guess. She would be more understanding about this. i imagine belle will be understanding, too. maybe. I think she overdoes it, you know, trying to make up for mom. don’t get me wrong. I’m glad belle’s around. things would have been way bad if she hadn’t come back. come back? she was in california at school. when mom died, she came back here. eric? sorry. that’s okay. i can tell you later. no, it’s all right. What is it? thank you for taking care of kelli. that was really sweet of you. it was no trouble. well, thank you anyway. i’ll gonna go get