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but with all due respect, we have to have some basis in fact. I’ve got the best available equipment at my disposal, and I’ve been– I’ve– I’ve come up with absolutely nothing. I mean, it simply does not exist. Look, Doug, the bottom line is this: whatever it is, we still have to find out who took it and where it is now. Otherwise, more people are gonna get hurt. Thanks to McCadden, we are in deep trouble. Two of our donors have withdrawn their bequests. , dollars out the window. Aw. Maybe there’s a way of turning this whole thing around. How, Bruce? How? What if he stole the Radio ? Huh? He wasn’t ready to unveil that Radio , so he had it stolen and hidden where he could work on it in private. And then when he’s ready to find it and unveil it, he’ll find it and come out a big hero. No. I don’t think that scenario’s going to hold water, Bruce. I do. And I think I can prove it. You don’t think it’s walking around on its own, do you? Heartbeat thumping Oh! There’s something out there! What? It’s in the hall! Banging on door Screaming Come on, Doug. Wake up. Groans, sighs What time is it? Laughing You’ve been sleeping all day. -Groans You must have been really tired. Doug, look. Sighs Where’s that coming from? My bracelet. Suse, that looks exactly like the diagram that I found inside the scroll. That can’t be a coincidence. Susie, where’d you get this bracelet? Well, it was a present from this guy named Stanley. Do you know where it came from? No. Susie, can you call him? Now? Yeah, honey. It’s important. That diagram and this crystal have the same pattern. They’ve gotta be related. I’ve seen that pattern before, I know I have. Or something like it anyway. When you asked me about in your office, I couldn’t remember, but– What, hon? What? I know. My brother used to build radios, and I think he had diagrams lying around that looked like that. Radios? Radios. You know, maybe Parker will know. This was in the coffin? Yeah. It’s amazing. It looks like some kind of wiring schematic. Like for making radios?