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He knew we lost contact with Blackjack and couldn’t reinstate his identity. So he posed as him. Why did he take such risks? What do you think? You said Lam surpassed him. A gambler hates to lose. He wants to use our intel on the drug dealers, so he can beat Lam. If he’s after the biggest gain, robbing the dealers would have been quicker. Lam is our guy. The real undercover. Shiu is only a hacker, an imposter out to rob the baddies. Mr. Tung wants to meet me tomorrow night. He wants to discuss the drug deal tomorrow night. Allow me to introduce my new right-hand man and new partner. Cheers! Cheers! Know why I only do drugs and not the other vices? Because I like it. You’re not laughing. You don’t like my joke? You’re a college grad and you don’t get it? A college grad should have a bright future. Why didn’t you become a cop? What for? Justice? I need to make a living. They use posters of the God of Wealth for Chinese New Year. Not a cop. Good point! Eat, don’t let the food get cold. Come on! Brother Foon Hei, except for your money, I know nothing else about you. Kwok Ming’s thugs Games NG Pak Games Wait Games good Games and action! Closer! Look into the camera! Smile! ! We’re eating. Get rid of the blood. If you want a piece of the action, I like to have the goods on you. What do you think? You’re too old to look cute. Brother Foon Hei, honestly, I suspected you. What? You want to know why? I’ll tell you. It goes back to when I first started out. You see Games someone had the goods on me, and ordered me to kill for them. A complete stranger. Later on, I found out her name was Games Games Karina. How did I know? She was on the phone when she was dying. The person on the other end was calling her name. Karina! Karina! I knew then her name was Karina. Karina! Karina! It was my first hit and I was scared. When I stabbed her, her blood splashed all over me. I stabbed her repeatedly until she was dead. Guess what I was feeling when I saw the blood on the floor? No different from killing a fish. Except Games she was staring at