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discount coupons for you! Discount coupon! Ueno.. Discount coupon! Here it is. Meow Meow Club Games From: Sahara-san It’s great you learned sign language. And thank you for bringing us together! Oh! Sahara is so aggressive. I cannot behave like her Games Hmm? Can I bring Ueno together, too? Huh? That’s impossible, you know? Yeah, I know, I know. I think so, too. Yes. Let’s go, Nagatsuka-kun. Now is the time to go to the “Meow Meow Club”! Can I help you? How long are you going to stay? One hour, please. Can we use this coupon? Yes, you can. Oh, unbelievable. He actually came Games Well, what should I say, but Games What did you expect? So did you. No no. Don’t be stupid. I was simply interested in your old friend. Yes, your friend. Is she here? Actually, she’s not a friend. Then what? It’s a little complicated. Something happened during elementary school. She doesn’t seem to be here today. Let’s go home then. Oh, really.. Insect! Hi, you came here. Came to play with Maria. By the way, will Nishimiya be pleased if I gave this pouch? Huh? A cat! Sis, I’ve got something for you! Games Sis? I’ll put the present for you here. What? U–Ueno.. -san? Go, go! Wait, wait, what is it!? Long time no see! Yeah. Long time no see. Huh? The girl over there is Nishimiya, isn’t she? She seems still alone, ha ha. So sad! Ishida! It’s been really a long time since seeing you. Let’s hang out together shortly. No thank you. Ishida, you hate me, don’t you? I don’t know. Actually, I have been thinking I should have talked to you earlier. I’m sorry when we were in elementary school. Ueno, get off my bike. Why does she have the pouch of the cat cafe I’m working in? Why? So weird! I gave it to her. Oh Games I see. Good-bye. Bye. Ueno? Nishimiya-san, long time no see! Are you all right? H..hey!! Huh? Why do you wear only one? Ueno! What are you doing!? Throwing it away to play, like we did in the past. Sorry, Nishimiya. Are you joking, Ishida? Wait! Wait a moment! Are you two going out together? No, nothing like that. Just friends. Friends? Don’t make me laugh! You are friends with the girl you bullied? Why? I don’t follow you! Oh, I understand. A kind of sense of guilt? No. Ha ha. Ishida, you have became such a boring guy. Now you two are playing friends! Ha ha ha. Huh? “What were you two talking about”? N–Nothing special. Well, I have to go now. See you again. Yuju, I’z mornigg. I’m quite awake. So surprised. Bregbazt, lez eed now. Wait, wait, before that.. What’s happened? Sis. Ponytail today? Why? Oh. What a weird face! Then make Ishida have a chance to see her! So many carp. Feeding manpower and bread shorted. You MUST come. Huh? Nishimiya.. Ponytail!? Whea are yu goig, Ijida-gun? “Where are you going?” I’m going to a bread shop. Yuzuru asked to buy a bread for feeding carp. Yuju muzt habe id. Yuju only wand do ead bi herzelb. Hey, Nishimiya! Ijida-gun, don’d need do go Wait, wait. Sign language! Sign language! Iz mai voize stranze? Yes. Oh, sorry. Oh Games it’s completely ok. W–well, I have to go now. Bread. Then bye.