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Super Penalty Shootout 2010 Ow! I feel like I’m sinking through this bed. Is that typical now? You’re fine. You’re fine. Was that laced with other drugs? Isn’t that what they do? No. They just, what is it, angel dust that they sprinkle on it? No. They don’t. They don’t. I’m kinda jealous you get to live in my basement. This basement’s ing awesome. You should live in your basement. I know. What’s it like down here? Are you living Game Is it cave life down here? This music’s really good, by the way. I know. I actually think that this is the best song I’ve ever heard. I feel like time is going really slow. Where did you find this song? You gotta give me this song. It’s blowing my mind. Okay. Okay. What are you looking at? I’m looking for men’s gifts. There’s a thing, like Game Spoiler alert. Is that my Christmas present? No. I’m gonna get you socks, ’cause you need socks. Have you seen the holes in my socks? Do you want a hardwood shaving kit? No. Do you want an ironically ugly Christmas sweater? Possibly. You can wear it to parties. They have those. Ugly Christmas sweater parties. Yeah, I heard about those. How do you feel? I mean, I’ve never been to one. Do you feel okay? No, I mean how do you feel? Highwise? Best I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m literally on top of the world right now. Hi. Hi, what’s happening? What’s happening here? What was going on in the basement? Naughty things? It’s so nice. You taste like sticks. What about just cock and pussy? Does pussy make sense? I think if cock makes sense, pussy makes sense. I don’t love pussy. What would you call Game It’s funny. I was talking to my sister, and I was asking her what Game She was like, “I hate the word pussy,” and I was like, “Well, what do you and your girlfriends say if you’re having ?” Yeah. She was like, “Vagina.” Really? They’d be like, “I want to touch your vagina.” Touch Game Touch my vagina. It’s pretty easy to just work around Game Right. It’s sharp pain that quickly turns into pleasure or whatever it is. No, no. I’d want throbbing pleasure. No, I can’t get behind that. Exactly.