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that had to be the weirdest experience of your life. Just some other guy, across the way, “All right, here we go. Carry the two and you gotta Games laughing Yo Games Yo. Look at Brent right now. I’m not , look down. Are you looking down? Is he hard right now? Dude, he’s hard right now. He must love math.” laughing “Dude, he doesn’t even have a calculator over there, look at him.” Here’s why I hated reading out loud, though. You thought I lost it, but I didn’t. I’m coming back. ‘Cause my voice would crack. Here’s where that sucks, even if the class didn’t catch it, if my friend Elliot was in that class, he called me out in front of everybody. Anybody had that friend, he’s your best friend, but he’s your worst friend? He never talked, but the second I was like voice cracking “In Games ” he was like Games Oh! Ho-ho! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! “Brent’s a virgin! Yeah, he told me, he cried. He cried at my house, he told me. Remember that ? Everybody, look how red he’s getting. Look. Look. Miss Wagner, sit down. He’s my best friend. I’m allowed to do this . Please, sit down. Sit the down for two minutes, please. Look at you! I’m gonna tell her. I don’t give a . Yo, Laurie, guess what? He’s in love with you. I caught him jerking off to your yearbook photo at my house. He sleeps over all the time, ’cause his parents are poor and they’re gonna get a divorce. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! you, Brent! You sleeping over this weekend? All right, I’m gonna go. I’m going to detention. I’m going. I don’t give a , it was worth it. this” cheering and applause It was always worth it to get suspended to ruin my life. I never understood that . The hardest thing was to ask somebody out. That was the hardest thing to do in high school. That was the worst. Now I don’t care, I get turned down every day. Every day. “Hey.” “No.” “Fine.” Drink, back to me. I wish we had a bar in high school. That’d be the best. Just go down to the cafeteria, just a weird old guy, “What’s wrong?” “I got turned down for prom.” “I’ll get you ed up, get you the Spanish Games ”