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It was too much for me. The whole family thing. I wasn’t ready. I just couldn’t do it. This time, Daisy helps me make her lunch before she goes to school. I never knew that would mean something. Making lunch. I have to go. Can I use your bathroom? Yeah, of course. I really could have given you a ride back to your hotel. Give us more time to catch up. Next time. Bye, Daisy. It was very nice to meet you. Take good care of your daddy, okay? Hey. Can I? Yeah. I never stopped thinking of you, Elaine. Make it work this time. Go. Hi, this is Bruce Brooks. Please leave a message. . Keep ’em coming. Not a problem. Enjoy the company. Where are you from? Minnesota. Dylan, Prince or The Replacements? I went to the same high school Dylan went to. You’re gonna think I’m crazy. I like crazy. Forget it. Tell me. Do people tell you, you look like Jesus? Because you look like Jesus. Bruce, I’m radio I’m so sorry. I fell asleep by the fireplace. And, um, when I woke up, it was over. The ceremony. And I would have gone over, but I was radio I was nervous because I didn’t want to disappoint you. But how was it? Were you a hit? I looked for you there, Laney. You weren’t there. So, now you don’t believe me, is that it? Yeah. I don’t believe you. Well, Jesus radio No. Do not try to make me the bad guy here. Saying your lie louder doesn’t make it true. Okay, okay. Okay. Listen to me, I radio I found a couple Xanax in the bottom of my purse, and radio What the is wrong with you? Huh? Why is it so easy for you to look me in the eyes and lie to me? Why? Huh? Do you even love me, Laney? Yes, of course I love you! It’s just not enough, huh? I’m going to Atlanta, I’ve got business there for a few days. I need to clear my head and figure out where we go from here. Well, when are you back? What about Eli’s recital? I’ll be there in time for that. And they can stay with my sister until then. What, you don’t trust them with me? No. I don’t. Look, I radio I think this was my fault. I shouldn’t have brought you up here. It was too soon.