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Pirateers 3 You know he was mad at you because can not go to New Orleans, right? Le dolнa to miss him Well, what should I do? You know the nanny could not get on a plane Then why do not you come with us and hold off as long I work? So you want to go with you to keep Percy ? Yes So the babysitter? Yeah, guardians, Miami Maybe it would be good happened to you all Percy was born So, when you can first job as chef Maybe you can clear your mind Do you think Percy would agree? Percy will quiйralo What do you think? I had to go big meeting Make sure he’s over when you complete all Feeding him, make him take a nap, bath No I have need to sleep for years gonna be a long night It’s not too young for it? Too young for what? He will not be here forever She wants to see her grandson Saw This is where a great mother Really? He said that? He says what we’re married again ?? No, we are friends I said you weigh a few pounds and last seen Probably since the last time you saw me, but recently I dropped pounds What? She says pounds came down It was months I dropped pounds in weeks He said it was my fault Why do you always say? said is very good We have to wake Percy, tell him to try Let him fall asleep It’s too late No, I’ve never eaten this I tried Daddy says it will do one for her I want to eat the original here is very good never bad Do you think this type of food is preferred in our place? Do you think people would you like this? Yes No food, why not? Maybe I’ll talk to Marvin Let I hear it, I see what you have on the truck Food was in this city? I do not know if you want, I’ll call tomorrow You know she’s here, what’s the reason that brought me here ? Do not know what you’re talking Well this Ooba Oarl Oasper I want to know Marvin What? If you do not want to take off your shoes Thanks Follow me Oasper How are you? I’m glad you’re here Sit She was pregnant just have to know He? He just told me seconds ago What was yours? I do not know was that he says I know I have a problem, she receptionist The best I ever had The good news, I’m very tired denied Y is a lawyer too was hard Are you okay?