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but I have the connections. That’s teamwork, dude. I’m sorry about this morning, it was I was a to drive off without you. After yesterday, I wouldn’t have blamed you if you’d run me down. You can sleep at my place as long as you want. And about the megaphone I was buzzing, man. And I wanted to be loud and clear. You certainly were. I’ve got a better idea for our production company. Adaluks Film. Great name. It just came to me. And I can get us some cheap business cards. We should get going. Right. Can’t we come up with a better running gag? Do you hear that? It’s probably just another polecat caught in the fan belt. It’ll go soft eventually. No. It’s coming from above. From above? Now it’s stopped. What the hell are you staring at? You can walk? Of course I can! The wheelchair was just a cover. I’ve been knocking for kilometers! Are you deaf? What are you doing here? And where are the girls? Eileen My little hottie. I wish we’d met under different circumstances. I’ll strangle you! You can’t imagine what I’ve been through!