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Games and I spoke to Steve, and he didn’t know where Tony was. So then I went by the waxwork this morning. No one was there. I mean, maybe they’ve been kidnapped guys. Really. Or even worse. Boiling wax. Mark. Maybe she had another party to go to. More like a motel to go to. You know China. No, no James. It’s not like that. Tony and China. They’re just friends. That’s not what you said last night. Okay, so maybe I was a little over emotional. A little? Sarah. I really don’t care who China is screwing anymore. I really don’t. But I am positive that it’s not Tony. So where are they? I still vote for the motel. I’m going to give them till this afternoon, and if we don’t find them. I am going to the police. I swear. You know how many people have gone missing in this area in the last two weeks? No. That’s a hell of a lot of people in two weeks. And now another two. and you’re telling me they’ve been kidnapped, and boiled in wax. All I know, is that there is something going on in that waxworks. Come on kid. You can give me a better story than that. I told you everything that I know. Yes! Okay, but if this some kind of sick joke I’ll have your balls in the slammer so fast, you won’t have time to squeal. Do you understand me? Good. Watch this. This weird little tiny guy who is addicted to helium is going to open the door. Weird and tiny, huh? Hi. Hi. I’m inspector Roberts. I’d appreciate a look around your waxwork, if that would be convenient. Yes, of course. Why? This young man claims that he had some friends visited last and uh. Well, they disappeared. Ah haha. Well come on in. Please. You know inspector, we’re not open yet, so I doubt if they visited this waxwork. You gonna swallow that ? You, shut up. I’m sorry. You were saying? Yes, well. It’s just that it couldn’t possibly be this waxwork, unless they broke in after dark. What? Oh, come on! I don’t believe this. Of course you can feel free to wonder around if you wish. It would be a pleasure. You, stay here. I wanna show you a waxwork Sit! Oh, this is wonderful. You know,