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Kevin, let’s see if we can’t beat Robert Morgan at his own game. I’ve made a list of all up-and-coming tech firms and dot-coms in the city. Let’s set up meetings. Sure. Call MatchMe and set up a meet-and-greet. I want to sign them before Robert Morgan does. I’ll track down their number. Great. Okay, let’s see what you can really do. Now if I’m right, I’m sensing hesitation about effectiveness. I can offer your site an accumulative audience across the board. I’d say it’s like you’re reading my mind. Deal. Ms. Watson, you have an uncanny ability to know the answers to all my questions even before I ask them. I try. You strike me as someone probably concerned with value. What would you say about a flat rate with a forced combination? I would say we both think alike. I’m guessing you might be interested in a broader target than the other guys are offering. Have you ever thought about a scatter package? It’s amazing. You seem to know exactly what I like. Well, thank you, Mr. Carter. And yes, I’m a natural blonde. I’d like to get my hands on that. Shame on you, Mr. Carter! What? It’s amazing, Liz. It’s like you were in tune to exactly what they needed. I try. Five clients? Not only is she beautiful, but she’s got the magic touch as well. You’re darn right I do. She’s on fire. Louis, heard you wanted to see me. Yeah, come on, sit down. Are you sure this is a good time? You look a little occupied. “Worried” is the proper term, and who wouldn’t be? I have a lot to be worried about. Well, I hope that I can alleviate some of that. Yeah. That’s what concerns me. What do you mean? Robert, you have a sterling reputation. Real go-getter. As Charles pointed out, you’re a people person. I like to think so. Yeah, and yet, here you are, just a few days before Christmas, available to drop in on a moment’s notice and save the day. Why is that? Why is what? Why is it that a guy like you, with everything you’ve accomplished, needs a job at Christmastime? Well, let’s just say that I’m not perfect. No! Yes, I have helped some companies,