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Super Smash Flash 2, Super Smash Flash 2 Game, Play Super Smash Flash 2 Games, Online Free Super Smash Flash 2 Flash Game

Game Control: Player 1: Arrow Keys to move, “O” to Jump, “P” to Attack
Player 2: A,S,D,W Keys to move, “G” to jump, “F” to Attack.

 Super Smash Flash 2 And I lied ’cause I didn’t want to embarrass you. I’m sorry. Come here. That was really hard for you to say, wasn’t it? You were scared during that? Yeah. Well, it didn’t show. You were really calm and honest. But I knew you were scared anyway, ’cause I’m your father. You were worried you might embarrass me. Man. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that you’re my son. And you can’t even blame me, ’cause Grandpa started it. And I have a hunch his dad was no picnic, either. So,  Free Games, I am nipping this in the bud right now. Pay close attention  in your lifetime, you will never embarrass me. It’s not gonna happen. You play baseball if you want to play baseball. And the only thing you have to do to make me and your mom happy is come home at the end of the day. In your lifetime, you’ll never embarrass me. You know why? ‘Cause I’m your father. Who’d you think I was?   Knock on door   Online Games, we gotta meet Lisa.   Sighs   Then be gone with you both. Bye, Dad. Bye. Bye. Bye.   Sighs deeply     Horn honking     lndistinct voices    We’re in business.  What business? We’re in the comeback business. You told me we sold men’s accessories. Try and be with me on this, would you? Listen to me. Everybody, stop your work. A writer once wrote, “As if it matters how a man falls down. When the fall is all that’s left, it matters very much.” What did he mean by that? He meant do not abandon blowouts. Watching proud and accomplished athletes battle in the face of odds that are virtually hopeless is one of the more stirring sights in all of sports. The Phillies have been down  to  since the third inning, and I think it’s the best game we’ve got. That is all.  Picture time. Let’s go.  Excellent. Online Games, gather everybody up and tell ’em it’s picture time. Hey, maybe you could start by just drawing a picture, that way  Ow, ow, ow.  Hey. Picture time.  Hey. What happened to your ring?  What do you mean?  What happened to your ring?  My engagement ring?  Yeah. It’s being cleaned. It’s at the ring cleaners. I didn’t know they had special places for that.