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 They are of high pedigree and are fully trained, so they will surely exceed your expectations. Plus, they are trained to raise their tails when called by name. Class B consists of Calico, brown tabby, gray tabby, and other Japanese breeds. As they are Japanese, their tails are not long enough to wag when called. They are fully trained. They prefer fish to meat. And class C is… crossbreeds. That’s all? What do you mean? That’s all the explanation you provide for class C? That’s all there is to say. Questions? Um… Why are the crossbreeds in class C cheaper than other classes? Class C New Gamess are ones that happened to be found by our employees. They haven’t been trained, so they may cause an accident in your home. I don’t recommend them. If your employee happened to find a “premium brand,” where would it rank? What? If that stray New Games was somebody’s favorite, would their class go up? I’d like to rent a class C New Games at the class A rate. Is that your preference? That is my preference. That is fine. Pardon me.