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Super Soccer Star Adventure 2 It’s for la Stampa, for their new literary section. But they want to make it as soon as they can. Ask him if he can come by this afternoon. Now, Graziella, where have you been these last days? We’ve been to the pinewood in Castel Fusano. A beautiful place. Full of beautiful flowers. And what about you? E’ piaciuta Stoccolma Pieruti? Yes mommy, but I think we would never be able to live there, you and I game And what do you think about Montale’s Nobel? I said at Stockholm that they should have given it to Sandro Penna, and not to Montale. By the way how’s Sandro doing? Did you see him lately? Sandro is poor and sick game now he’s complaining since he isn’t able to chew anymore. I don’t get why he doesn’t want to use a denture game now he has this bad habit of calling on the phone here at night.. And he talks, and talks, and talks.. Last time, aunt Susanna put the phone on the table and she went back watching the tv game You should write down everything he says, instead. He is a great poet. It’s Laura. Here she is game Hi, Graziella! Hello Laura. How do you do? Very well. What about you? Welcome back Laura. Handsome. Good morning! Hello. Susanna game How’s it going? Well, well. What about you? Get me a chair. How was your travelling? Fine, fine. What about yours? Zagabria game your Jancso pal tortured us for the whole movie we shot without a break these last two days, all day and all night. It was madness, mom. And did you manage to give him what he wanted? Of course. In the beginning he tried to stop me from improvising but in the end game I’ve helped him shooting the orgy sequences game Ah socialist actresses such a wonder, eh game I adore them, they’re real professionals! They put this hemorrhoids cream on thei pussies to hide the wrinkles.. I’ll start putting it too. But here game on the eye wrinkles, look! Since I don’t have the money for expensive creams game Oh, so good! Are you hungry? No, but you can’t imagine how much I missed the Italian food in Jugoslavia, because there the food is awful I don’t know why communism and