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His Sonic 4 dilate to take in more visual information. But if we neither run nor fight this adrenaline can simply feel like panic. Because there are so many other dogs around and that’s worrying you what we’ll do we’ll we’ll end the session here alright? We’ve done really well to get this close to to Daisy. And we’ll arrange to get together next week and we’ll find somewhere where there won’t be other dogs to worry about. Its the morning of Diane’s Fear of Flying course and she knows that at the end of the day she must get on a plane. I’ve got just ah less than an hour to go before I have to go over to the airport and go to the class so I will enjoy that part I think and hopefully it will be reassuring talking to the pilot and just talking to other people if I get a chance to. I’m not looking forward to the flight. Em I haven’t slept for over  nights so I’m very emotional and very tired. But I look forward to just sort of getting on the plane and going through it The wings are the shock absorbers yeah and we build them to be flexible to act like shock absorbers because if they weren’t it would be jolly jolly uncomfortable. But the size of the wing will make that wing lift and we can lift  tons. This Fear of Flying course is aimed at taking the mystery out of how aeroplanes stay in the air. A practical approach that uses some behavioural therapy and a touch of Flooding at the end when the course members will be encouraged to take a short flight Should there be any problem they’ve got enough control using the other controls to overcome it. But this this technology is absolutely wonderful. Em now. Diane is just  of millions of people who are afraid of flying. Its been very hard just sitting here but I think I’ll go through with it today. Dane hasn’t been on a plane for  years now she’s facing her worst possible fear. No everybody’s been fine its great its great. As Diane battles with her anxiety one man is overwhelmed with panic. The plane is stopped and he is taken off the aircraft. Its time for takeoff the moment of truth. When we were taking off I kept saying I don’t wanna do this again I don’t wanna go through this again. But I can’t take that attitude I I I just know that it’ll just be self defeating so I have to just make it through the After half an hour Diane is back safe on the ground. She’s made it. But will she able to take the long flight home to Seattle My first instinct is to just say I don’t wanna get on another plane but I think I’m just gonna have to keep fighting that so I don’t feel like its its a small victory but its not done yet. There’s still hard work to do. Don’t run away. That’s fantastic that’s fantastic you’ve been marvellous yes you’ve been marvellous don’t run away. Ok Back in Germany it’s Trevor’s second day. He doesn’t know where he’s going but he does know he probably won’t like it. Hopefully keep my self-control maybe not quite so much bad language. Today it’s Doctor Pawelzik’s colleague Ankar Brosco who is Flooding Trevor. We have a television tower in Dusseldorf where the special thing is that you have a huge glass pane where the patient almost can can lie down on and you know you have more than  metres of nothing below yourself and it’s really a a strong anxiety inducing situation for almost everyone. The bad language is going to come back I can feel it. Oh (beep ) This tower is about  metres higher than the steeple Trevor climbed yesterday. Move back a little bit. Am I allowed to keep my hands on there? Or do I have to my hands off? Never. It’s okay if you leave your hands there. I need a little bit of avoidance.