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  The most populated north Gamen city is new york. Here, space is a precious commodity, with more than  million people fighting for their share. With so little ground space left, having a garden can require a head for heights. It’s difficult to imagine any animal getting a foothold in this bustling city. But some do. The red-tailed hawk is well known in mid town manhattan. It manages to survive here because new york has the ultimate in urban gardens – central park. This park, created in the mid s, has become a focal point for wildlife and the people of manhattan. It’s also prime hunting ground for red-tailed hawks. And they have the perfect nesting site right next to it. They’ve moved in on the top floor of this expensive manhattan apartment block. It acts like a surrogate tree supporting their large nest. Their high-rise residence also provides a perfect lookout and a launch pad for ambushing prey. A meaty new york diet means these birds continue to survive in north Game’s most hectic city. Despite our increasingly urban lifestyles, we still have a deep-rooted desire to connect with nature. And in modern day north Game it’s possible to fulfil that desire in all manner of ways. This may look like a safari through the african savannah. In fact, it’s a theme park in florida, and it allows people to experience a world outside their own. In some ways they are visiting a land from another time. , years ago large parts of north Game’s landscape and wildlife were just like the savannah of modern africa. With a stretch of our imagination, we can still put ourselves in the shoes of the first people who explored that vast, dramatic landscape… and encountered giants never seen before. In this series we have seen how fossil bones and other evidence can provide clues to that distant past. And that evidence has helped to recreate a continent that no longer exists… a lost wild new world. And you can find out more about the making of wild new world and the wildlife of prehistoric north Game right now.