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That is my problem. So you’re saying I don’t have a choice. You do have a choice. You can save yourself or you can save her. I can’t save a princess! You are the black knight. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Sir, sir.. Sir.. Good news. Don’t be nervous. It’s been my lucky days so far. And I’ve good feeling about this one. Yes, sire. I’m sure, it’s good news. Bad news. No, impossible.. No sign of warrior Zhao. Sire Games Sire.. Brutus.. No, no.. Signal, you remember, the signal? Signal? kill him! No, no, no, no! Sire! Sire! I was thinking. This Arum dude, maybe ifhe gets what he want, he’ll change, you know. Be like Arum the kind? Do you have people in yourworld who getwhat they want by threating to do bad things? At least there is one kid. And you give him what he wants. Does he change? Not really. Might does not make right, Jack. Right makes right. If you don’t stand up forwhat is right, and why you stand up at all? You know, that’s easy to say. This, this kid, he is bigger then me. He’s stronger then me. So what do you do?