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Super Speed Cars my ass! They don’t know how we do it. Let’s just blend. All right. Go! Get going! Move it! Didn’t we just have this conversation? Can we get these fantastic supermodels Game back into their dressing rooms? l can’t believe it! They changed that quick! Amazing! These ought to get the critics’ attention. Second changes, everybody! Go! Now! This’ll be a nice little treat. My God! What’s happening? That’s not mine! Let’s get out of here! l’m sorry! Just give me your hand. lt’ll be okay. l’m so sorry. Oh! Come here! l got you! Here we go. Up! My God! l hope she’s okay. l’m ruined. Looks like some people just don’t know when to quit. Come on, girls. Help me. l got you. Karen, what are you doing? Look, someone has got to give those girls a taste of their own medicine. So revolutionary! lt’s so bold and so Game . So brilliant! Everybody, they’re imposters! Hit the lights. Where’s Brittany? Where are you? Get down! l told you you were going to regret it. You hit like a bitch! Come on. You run and l’ll shoot you. Come on. My turn. Mama? Girl, we going to need some backup. Girl, call NayNay and LaQuanda. Tell them to bring the Vaseline and the straight razors. These bitches are on some other shit! What’s going on? Don’t touch my dress! Vandergeld’s got Tiffany! What? No one messes with my queen! Marcus! Are you okay? No. What’s wrong? These damn Gstrings are killing me! Freeze! FBl. You guys take care of them. We’re going after Vandergeld. Copeland! You’re going to need this. Come on, let’s go. FBl! Freeze! Daddy, what are you doing? Why don’t you take your mother and your sister and go on home? Daddy, why are you doing this? Daddy didn’t tell you? He’s broke. What do you mean, broke? Like Martha Stewart broke or MC Hammer broke? MC Hammer broke! No! l’ve been funneling money out of the charity into a private account, just to get us by! Are you filming this? l’ll give you something to shoot! Get out of my way! l can’t do that. Drop it! l got you, man. Man, we’ll get that stain out. Don’t even worry. Don’t move! Warren Vandergeld