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but it’s progress. Look. Beautiful. Heavy? Hey! Hey! Stop that! Are you crazy? Hey! Hey! No, wait. Why would you do a thing like that? The army teach you nothing? Who’s this? This is– This is Attila Mellanchini. My father’s new foreman. l’m a soldier like you. Hey, you heard what the padrone said. You’ve had your share of grain. He gives you all he can. We’ll work together. Hey, l understand you. Olmo. Olmo. Olmo. Did you hear, women, what our padrone had to say? lt’s our men’s fault because they got themselves killed in the war. And the fault of the day laborers because they work like beasts all day and then expect to be paid for it. lt’s all our fault that ourfamilies go hungry, and that half of us end up sick with goiter trouble, and it’s always ourfault when so many of our children are born dead. Come, follow me, women. The master should be really content ifwe take only a little grain and leave him the rest. For the moment. Come on, women, come on. You speak too well for a little country girl. l’m a schoolteacher. That was the first time l ever kissed a schoolteacher. Hey, schoolteacher, finish the lesson. Ah! Look, women, our rooster is crowing. Here, peck. Eat. Go on. Oh! Very funny. All right. What’s the matter? Why are you leaving? To find another place to work and die. Who put you out? Ah, who can put you out? Landowners. Even though our contract hasn’t run out, they’re giving us the boot. We formed the Workers’ League. They’re making us pay the price. And if you saw how our padrone took advantage. lt was a shame. We have to put up with the padrone fooling with our women. You say we’ll find work near Mantua? Let’s go. No sense in fighting, Oreste. Not when you haven’t a chance. But our contract hasn’t run out yet. lf they don’t mean to pay us for ourwork, then still l’ll stay on this soil. By Christ! Oreste! Run away, Oreste! The demons are coming on horseback to carry you off! Run away, Oreste! Not even the Pope, not even Jesus, the Lord, is going to make me budge my ass! Because l gave years of my life to this valley.