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Oh, then, I guess, she was bullied because of that? I cannot forgive that kind of bully, How do you think, Ishida-kun? What do you mean!? You say I am spreading what you did in the past!? Hey, you talk too loud Games After all, Ishida-kun has not changed at all from the past! What!? You have always told me cruel things since elementary school! What’s the matter, Ya-sho? Calm down, Kawai-san. What are you talking about? Mashiba-kun! Ishida-kun used to bully a girl in the past. What are you saying, Kawai-san? Don’t be silly.. It is true. Kawai-san also said bad things at that time Games I never said bad words to Nishimiya-san! What!? Nishimiya-san!? Yes. Ishida-kun bullied Nishimiya-san. I asked him please to stop doing that, but he never listened to what I said. He scared me so much.. Ya-sho? Oops Games Are you ok? Sorry, Nagatsuka-kun.. Ya-sho.. Ya-sho! I hate myself, too Games Hi, Ishida. Hi! What’s wrong? No, nothing special. Nothing.. Huh? Hey, Ishida-kun, you are here! I’m bringing your bag here! Hey. Nao-chan.. Games I asked her to come. I’m sorry what happened in the classroom, Ishida-kun. But, originally you are to blame, I think. But, if Ishida-kun apologizes first, we can forgive him, Mashiba-kun said so, and.. Stop it. That’s not the proper way. We have no right to blame him in this matter. “We”? That’s not correct, Nao-chan. What’s not? Different from me, Nao-chan actually bullied Nishimiya-san too. You should not treat me like yourself. Nao-chan.. Hummm. You’re right. We are different. Completely different from you. You were just looking on and laughed at her being bullied. Too bad! Hey, Sahara, how do you think about this? Me!? Nao-chan also said so many bad things to Sahara-san. I just said true things! Hey, answer now, Sahara! I..I was.. At that time.. I was scared of both of you. What!? Whose side are you on!? I’m not on either side of you two! Stop it. It’s all my fault. I hate that kind of logic. Stop, Ueno. Don’t conclude everything by yourself. Ishida-kun, don’t talk in such way Games Stop, Sahara. You will run away like the past and regret, “I was a coward”. What is wrong with you, Ishida-kun? Stop speaking, Kawai. You simply like yourself the most. Ya-sho, I’m always on your side Games Don’t say such a thing without knowing me. That’s enough! I’m going home! Ya-sho.. It’s all right. I don’t mind at all. Sho-chan, See you again. Sorry, Ishida. I regret coming here. Ishida-kun, you were really bad. Don’t be in touch, you outsider. I had thought we were friends. Oh, by the way, from next week, summer holidays will start. Why don’t we go somewhere fun together? Yuzu. You’ll hurt your eyes seeing something in such a dark place. Here. Yuzu, are you still worried about sis? Gramma worries about you, Yuzuru. You always care about your sis, and don’t care about yourself. You are doing the same thing, gramma? You don’t join senior people groups and study sign language all the time. That’s just what I want to do. Then so do I. I also do what I’m doing for myself. Really? You are a very good granddaughter, Yuzu.