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The perfect day On Saturday Take your bag and leave your house Don’t need no TV to be entertained We are the show Come now and play it subtle Bring back all that we know Our songs the only thing that’s playing on the radio On Saturday, Saturday The sun has shined on us, hey, hey, hey, hey I think it’s time for a break We’ll get away, get away The perfect day I guess the rental market’s a bit of a nightmare, huh? Yeah, especially if you have pets. I fix things. I mean, I’m helping to bring this building up to code, and I’m pretty sure one of the lofts is available. It’s a little rough, but Ooh! chuckles Look. Diego. He’s looking good tonight. My father was a fisherman from the Azores. My mother, a tango dancer from Argentina. I was born at sea, a child of two countries and a citizen of none. meows Aww. Come here. Aww, Ajax! No, don’t be jealous. I love you. And I love the little white spot behind your ear, your little heart. Besides, there aren’t any real Diegos. It’s okay. Hold on. Okay, let’s go to the desk. Here we go. Hey, I didn’t have time to drop them off. I ran late at the Veterans’ Home. You volunteer a lot, Orphan Annie. Hey, psst. Better hide Fido and Pussy, Monty’s on the warpath. She’s wants the beta version of our astrology app. No one sees it until it’s perfect. phone chimes chuckles Oh, look. Guy from the Veteran’s Home asked me to dinner. What should I say? The old wheelchair guy? Emma, no, no. Just say no. No, no, it’s the orderly, the hot one. Strange. This actually makes sense. What, someone actually liking me? No. It’s your Jupiter transit. Do you even use our app? I just write the code. You handle the magical stuff. I don’t believe in that anymore. Go ahead, scoff at great minds: Ben Franklin, Plato, Robert Downey, Jr. Do you know about tonight’s moon? Yeah, it’s a supermoon. It’s , miles closer, which means the migration patterns go Okay, Steven Hawking. The point is it magnifies what’s already in your chart. So for you, that’s a quadruple alignment transit. Okay, whatever. Astrology’s Greek,