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swaps for mortgage backed securities? And the whole housing market is about to collapse? JARED: For Jamie and Charlie, the housing market doomsday prediction was music to their ears. (SINGING) They had started working out of Jamie’s garage with $, Jamie had saved taking sailboats up and down the East Coast. Our investment strategy was simple. People hate to think about bad things happening, so they always underestimate their likelihood. JARED: Their strategy was simple and brilliant. What he said. Jamie and Charlie found markets will sell options very cheaply on things they think will never happen. So when they were wrong, they were wrong small, but when they were right, they were right big. (IMITATING EXPLOSION) Within a few years they had turned $, into $ million. But then it was time to go to New York City. And so far, it wasn’t going very well. So what if it does seem interesting. No… No bank will give us our ISDA. We’re dead in the water. These kind of trades are totally out of the question. We got to call Ben. (EXHALES) Let’s call Ben! JARED: Ben Rickert was a former trader in Singapore for Chase who quit the whole game in disgust. He happened to be Jamie’s neighbor when they were in Colorado and they met walking dogs. But Ben was dark. He didn’t just think the whole system would fail. He thought the whole world was going down. Every one of these vegetables is fresh from my garden. (CHOPPING) BEN: You guys should start your own garden. What you got to do is get your soil off the petrochemicals. JAMIE: Hmm. I used wood ash and urine to help restore the soil. It creates ammonium nitrate. Seeds are gonna be the new currency. And not those Franken seeds from Monsanto. I’m talking about good, healthy, organic seeds. Make yourself a garden. Learn to live off the land. You’re a ing lunatic. JARED: Ben had real experience in a big bank. Jamie and Charlie had never even been in a Manhattan bank bathroom. But Ben was done with the banking world. He was very clear. JAMIE: