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It’s not gonna get better than that. That was awesome. Holy . I wish every girl that turned me down was here right now. That’d be awesome. you. I was gonna say a name, but I realized if I said it, maybe they’re here and it’ll be really weird. So I’m not gonna do that. Oh, man. New York, New York. I’m an east coast kid, Connecticut, let’s not judge me. cheering Yeah! So white. This whole audience is white. I just realized that. This is the whitest audience I’ve ever seen in my entire life. This is the cutest I’ve ever seen. It’s like a CW show in here right now. laughing This is who I bring out, huh, just tax payers? I have nobody edgy? Goddamn it! I gotta get a scandal. All right, shut up. Focus. Sorry. laughing I gotta get into it. Okay. All right, look, here’s the deal. I got some Games Okay, just Games All right. Shut up. laughing I had a girl leave me for a magician, recently. laughing Why is it funny? It happens. Maybe it doesn’t happen. Maybe, at Hogwarts it happens. I don’t know if it happens in real life. But it happened to me. First off, we weren’t boyfriend-girlfriend. Let me explain that, okay? I’m a single man, I like being a single man. Being a single man is fun, I enjoy it. And when you’re single you don’t have to deal with that confrontation. What usually happens is you hook up for a few months then you go your separate ways, then maybe you run into each other and you have that half sentence conversation. You know, like, “Wow. I know. Hi. Bye.” You know, that . laughing So, I’m at a party, I see this girl, I assume we’re about to have that conversation. I am. But she walks up to me and the way she started this, I realize that we weren’t gonna have that conversation. She walked up to me and this is the first thing she says, she goes, “Hey, Brent, hi. Um, listen, I’ve been meaning to talk to you Games ” sighs laughing Any time a girl has to verbalize a breathing, that’s like Games sighs laughing The second she did that, my heart was sweating. You ever had your heart sweat before? Like, you’re