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All right, hope you’re hungry, buddy. Did you just say something? Okay, no more all-nighters for me. Look, if you wanna say something, just say it. Huh. That’s what I thought. Wish me luck. Ho ho ho! Spare a penny! Oh, great. Here comes Miss Grumpy Pants. Wait, what did you just call me? What? You just called me a name. Don’t tempt me, lady. I didn’t say anything, ma’am. Would you like to make a donation? Don’t get greedy. Ho ho ho! Great. I was hoping I’d never have to run into her again. Are you talking to me? Hi, Elizabeth. Usual? Are you really gonna cut the line again? Um, no. I came in today to tell you that I’m not cutting the line today. I don’t need any coffee, so there. Ugh, get real. Should I mention the resume? Why didn’t I ask if she got it? Oh, your resume! I completely forgot. But I promise I’ll get to it ASAP. Oh, I wasn’t even gonna bring it up. I know you’re busy. Yeah, busy making people miserable. Hey, I’m working on that. What? I Uh How weird was that? See you tomorrow. Wow. Where’s she get that cheap, junky-looking pin? Hey, Elizabeth. Coffee? Uh, yeah. Thanks. Man, she is looking hot today. I wonder if she’s into younger guys? Just so you know, I’m barely . You You look much younger. You’re darn right I do. Wonder if he’s into younger guys? I’m glad you’re here. I thought maybe something had happened to you. I just got caught up in a late show, and I overslept. She’s probably nursing a hangover. Thanks, Kevin. I’m fine. What? Oh, you know what. You know what? Just keep your thoughts to yourself. Liz, are you okay? Are you having a migraine? I’m not having a migraine! I’m not. Sorry. I’m just stressed. Oh, not to add to it, but Charles said he’d like an update on your new clients. Okay, well, get the books. I’m already on it. But are you? Shouldn’t you be leaving just now? Right. Oh, hey, there she is. So, any progress? Progress. Clients? The quotas. Leads. Oh, as a matter of fact, I have a couple of leads. Hot ones. Hot. Sure you do. You are so faking it. I am not. Excuse me? She’s having a migraine.