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I’ll tell him I’d rather go to Geneva. Want some? No, thanks. You don’t drink because you’re religious? No, I just don’t want any. Shall I put some music on? Yes. I’m sure this music reminded her of her husband and sons. I can’t stand it. Stop it. What was Dad like? Did he play with you, teach you things? Mom never talked about him. I found this postcard in Mom’s things. “Dear Marie-Rose, I hope you’re well. “Hamid is in good health. He’s in first grade. “I hope to see you by the end of the year here in Algeria. “All my love, your husband,” “Areski.” “Hamid is in good health.” I don’t exist. He never mentions me. Drop it, it’s been a long time. I wanna know what Dad was like! What about Mom? She was nothing. She was invisible, fleeting. She couldn’t stay home with you. She had to work. You can’t judge her. Mom’s things are downstairs, if you wanna see them. This is it! I put everything that’s left in this trashcan. You can pick what you want. You were quick! You emptied everything in one day. The longer you wait, the harder it is. Tell me more about Algeria. There’s nothing to say. You must still have contacts there? Is there evidence against you? Scherrer’s imagining things. You fill bank accounts. Remember? We used to play with it. I called your uncle. He said he didn’t know where you lived. Did he raise you? Did you argue? Is this an interrogation? No, I’m your brother. What is a brother? What? Why are you asking me all these questions? Don’t you see it bothers me? I want to get to know you. Fine, but how do I know you’re my brother? Very well, I’m not your brother. The door is open, you can leave. C’mon, scram! Get lost! Don’t leave me alone with the guests! Tell him about his father. He knows nothing about him. Am I early? It doesn’t matter. I live next door. I knew Marie-Rose well. This is Django, her cat. I took him in after the crash. He was lost, but maybe you want him back? It’s best if you keep him. Good evening. Come in. We worked together for years in the factory. Of course, I’ll miss her. She was a good woman.