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A little hay is nothing, huh? You don’t agree, huh? Don’t you realize, you dumb ox, that this is an imported piece of machinery, and we’re the first in the whole valley to have a mechanical hay-raker? Well, then blessed are the last to have one. Who needs a machine that looks like a hyena, Signor Giovanni? Ah! Nineteen! They stink, and besides, you’re disgusting. Hey! Twenty! Twenty! You haven’t seen anything yet. Here, kiss it. Bite it. Eat it. Jump in the lake. Olmo, the bastard Olmo, the game Here, eat it, and burn in hell. Coward! Go ahead! Run, you yellow-belly! You’re the yellow-belly. You pick on girls and babies. l say you can’t even last at follow the leader. And l say l can, too. Go piss in your pocket! l’ll fix you. Ah! What are you doing? Screwing the earth. Now what are you doing? Listening to my father speak to me. ln the telegraph pole? l can’t hear anything. Are you crazy? We’ll see who’s brave and who’s yellow. When it starts to go over, shut your eyes, or it will blind you. l’ll make sure you don’t run away. No, no! Let me go! Let me go! You see? You’re yellow! You’re a coward! Olmo! Olmo! Olmo! Are you dead or alive? Ding-dong, ding-dong. The devil cared, the padrone’s scared. How far is it from here to the Madonna ofthe Fields? As far as it’s always been, about kilometers. Once l saw a train as long as from here to the Madonna’s shrine. l got a train in my pants that’s longer than that! Listen, he’s only bragging. Talk about trains. You see that contraption outside? You don’t want to use it because you are ignorant, afraid. You’re an enemy of progress, that’s what you are. With that contraption, l work less, and that’s fine with me. Well, who pays for it, huh? Who pays for it? The padrone, who else? Everyone but the padrone. lt’s we, the workers, who pay the bill. That’s what we’re for. He even infected you. Look at the bugs. Olmo gave the lice to everyone. Your son’s filthy. He should be deloused. Of course he should be deloused! Someone must help me. Your Olmo’s a pig. Today your little Olmo found a live frog and