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I appreciate it, man. We gotta do drinks. Definitely. Get him a pass. Dude, let it go. Let it go, take the loss. Oh, Jesus. Do you have a pass? Pass? Dude, what is this, PE? I just walked the in. Oh, my God. That guy looks so much like me. Okay. You got a girl coming? Yes. Yeah, Instagram, she could be the one, or not. I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. Saved her a seat, right up front. Couldn’t look better. Dude, it’s your night, live it up. That’s what I’m saying. Yup, I’m grabbing him right now. Hi, Brent? Hi, I’m Laura, the stage manager. Hi, Laura. We’re three minutes out. Beautiful. Thank you. Okay? Um, is that what you’re wearing? Yes. Really? Uh, yeah. What the ? What the ? All right. He refuses to change it, guys. What the is that? It’s his go-to. Talk about your Games You look like Drake. Don’t listen to her. Thank you. That’s bull. This is your night, all right? Oh. What the Games Sorry? Sorry. You don’t seem sorry. Well, I said it, so I am. Um, Brent, this is T. She’s dope, right? What the ? We’re gonna need a few more minutes. So, I guess you’re not wearing that shirt? Oh, I bet you’re really happy about that. What the ? What’s that about? I don’t give a who this is. What the hell? His hair is thinning. What? laughing Baby, that’s rude Games and true. What the are you doing back here? Why aren’t you with Mom and Dad? I’ve seen it. Okay, Brent, it is time to go. It is show-time. Okay. All right. Fine, I have to go, okay? Intro music. What you coming Games Come out to Hall & Oates. Who gives a ? Ooh. Yeah. They got like five slaps. Slappin’, all the songs. What the are you talking about? No, I’m not dealing with any lingo right now, okay? I have to go and I will have to change and I don’t get to wear my goddamn Drake sweater! And I thank you, T, I appreciate it. Yeah, keep looking at me like that. I Games Goddamn! cheering announcer Make it loud, keep those hands clapping. Give it up for Brent Morin! upbeat music playing applauding and cheering applauding and cheering continues New York! Hey! Yeah.