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  An approaching storm like this could last half an hour. It could last  or  hours. Sometimes they even join up with other storms to create destructive megastorms that can devastate the whole region. These tropical storms are an extreme version of a familiar phenomenon. Rain. RAIN SPATTERING Rain is so familiar that it’s easy to forget what a critical role it plays on Earth. It’s the way in which water is transported from the oceans and deposited over land. Without the ability of water to change from liquid to gas, and back again, the land would be a dry and barren desert. Meanwhile, in the northern hemisphere at this time of year, a different transformation of water occurs, from liquid to solid. I’ve come to the edge of Lake Ontario in Survive Popoa to see one of the most extreme examples of this transformation in action. This area is home to some of the heaviest snowfalls in the world. But it’s not immediately obvious why this should be so. It’s so peaceful here. There’s a beautiful blue sky. It’s been a stunning day.