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Sweet Anime Get me a ing jeep! There’s no sign of him, sir. He’ll never make it. If the wogs don’t kill him, then the desert will. Just in case, head down to the docks first thing in the morning. The ocean is his only way out of the country. Moustafa, go this way. Hey! Get your ass back down below! Get down to those boiler rooms now! OK. This ain’t no pleasure cruise. Move your ass! The letter was from his sisterinlaw. We are fortunate our intelligence section makes a habit of recording return addresses. We’ll contact the Americans and ask them to keep her under surveillance. Inspector, this man is a deserter, a traitor to France, and a goddamn terrorist. Adjutant, all I can do is transmit the warrant. If the Los Angeles cops aren’t too busy busting dope dealers, gang rapists, and serial killers, maybe they’ll have time to bring the asshole in. And if they don’t, tough shit. If they do not, maybe I can help. You stay off the top deck. First Mate’s orders. You were told not to come up. Am I right? Yeah. And you told me this ship was going to Los Angeles. What difference does it make? You ain’t got no green card. You ain’t got no visa. You ain’t getting off anywhere, Frenchy, so get your ass below before somebody reports you, a deserter, stowed away on their ship. You keep stoking my boilers, or you’ll be breaking rocks in the hot sun. Now what’s it going to be? It’s going to be simple. Ugh! Hey, maybe we make a deal. You’ve been so generous to me. Huh? America. Los Angeles information. Please deposit $.. No, it’s my sisterinlaw. She’s waiting for me. Helene Gaultier. I don’t care if she’s the mayor’s sisterinlaw. If I don’t hear coins, this conversation’s over. You got it? Hey, come on, get him! Who you pulling for, motherer? Kill that er! Come on, goddamn it! You want another fight? You sure you don’t want another fight? You can win. Get your money. I ain’t got all goddamn day. Shut up, shut up. Wh’s gonna fight the next fight? Who’s going to fight the next goddamn fight? Do we even have a next fight? Do we have a next fight? Yay! Yay! All right, all right.