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Sweet Girl Mage They’re ing kids. Yeah. It’s just the way it’s done around here, ma’am. I mean, ’cause this guy’s an h.V.T., he’s an asshole. Then why don’t we get him on the road driving in? That way we’ll have zero civilian casualties. Okay. Roger that. All right, bring the m.T.S. Up, northnortheast. I want to see the top of that dirt road, please. Adjusting camera northnortheast. BEEPS Set. Before we drop iron, we need a final direct authorization from command and we need a positive visual I.D. Of the target. Okay. He’s coming any minute. Well, how do you know that? Psychic powers? Judging by how his wife’s hair is moving, it’s pretty windy. She wouldn’t put up that banner unless she had to, ’cause it might blow away. Not bad, Sherlock. Not bad at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes it on TV tonight. You know, we turn on fox news, U.S. military forces just Gamesed another Al qaeda operative in eastern Afghanistan today.Hey, vehicle coming. Establish autotrack.CLICKS, BEEPING Autotrack established. Telephoto.Uh, telephoto. That’s him. All right. Command, this is reaper , airman bowles. Go ahead, .Kahlil is heading to the location. We need our go ahead.Nineline is pending. I’m waiting on colonel Wallace.Major, you’ve got to help us. He’s a mile away. If we take him out now, no civilians die. Or wait two minutes and we take out his whole family. Over. Working on it. Standby.We need to arm up in case we’re authorized in time.Copy that. Code weapon.Weapon coded. Weapon status.Weapon armed. Select laser.Laser selected. Arm laser.Laser armed.ALARM CHIMING Reaper , what have you got? Colonel, we haveseconds to prosecute before he gets home and we have to Games his family. Are you sure it’s him?We’re sure, sir. Have you met visual confirmation criteria?Yes sir. seconds. God damn it!I beg your pardon, airman? Excuse me, sir. I’m sorry. He just Game he just arrived home. We did anticipate this possibility when we selected the location. So have you v.I.D.Ed the target? Affirmative, sir. I mean, he’s playing with his kids now.BEEPING I am sending you the image.