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Sweet Pig Care Who did? If I have no mother or father, then was it God? Are you saying God created me? Only God and humans can create other beings like this. You people? Humans created me? This is truly a victory for science! With this, we can prove our work! We can continue our research! This place has become a new sacred ground! We’ll rise to the top for sure! We’ll upgrade for the next step! I’ll contact the others. Congratulations! Who am I? Where am I? Why was I born?! We’ve created the strongest Pokémon in the world game Our dreams game Is this my power? I’m the strongest Pokémon in the world? Mew game Am I stronger than you? You just might be the strongest Pokémon here. But there’s something even stronger in this world. Humans? If you combine your powers with my human powers, the world will be ours. The world will be ours? But if you let that power of yours run wild, you’ll only end up destroying the world. You must learn to control your powers. Control? Are you okay with leaving everything to your powers and burning everything in the world like this island? What should I do? So this armor protects my body and holds back my powers. What do you intend to have me do with this? It’s simple. Just get rid of anyone who gets in our way. Anyone? Fight, destroy and plunder. The strong ones win. But who am I? Where am I? For what am I fighting for? Why am I living? You’re a Pokémon. Pokémon live to be used by humans; they live for humans. Are you saying that I’m fighting for you? I’m fighting for humans on this planet? You’re a Pokémon that humans created. What other value do you have? My value? Who am I? Why am I alive? What are you doing?! I was created by humans. But I’m not human game Yet as a created Pokémon, I’m not just a Pokémon either! Who am I? Where am I? Who wanted me here? Who wished for me to be created? I curse everything I was born upon. That’s why game not as an attack or a proclamation of war game against all of you responsible for my birth game I’ll strike back! Theatrical Edition In order to become a Pokémon Master,