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Sweet Puppet Soccer Maybe we should lay our cards on the table. Come on. Oh, man. Those dudes did a number on you, huh, homes? You know what you need, man? You need karate lessons, man. That way nobody will mess with you. Look at you. You got a broken rib. You’ll have to stay in bed for a month. Do me a favor. Don’t talk to nobody about my rib. Don’t worry about that, man. Shit. $, man. Have a nice day. Who’s there? Mr. Eldridge. I wasn’t expecting you back so soon. I know. Something’s come up. We got to talk. We got to talk. About what? I heard about what went down. Look, please, Mrs. Gaultier, this is real important. Look, you got to get out of this place tonight. You and the little girl. How did you know what happened today? Hey, my man. So there never was an insurance plan, was there? Look here. Now you see that? That’s where your money’s been coming from. I think you owe him a minute for him to say what he’s got to say. So? Say what you got to say. OK. Those men followed me from North Africa. They knew I’d be coming to see you. Does this involve drugs? If it does, I don’t want anything to do with it. Helene, I swear, it’s not drugs. I don’t have too much time, but I’m here to help you. Don’t do this to me. I mean, my life is hard enough. I’m not trying to give you problems. I’m here to help you. Please. You’ve got to trust me. Hi, Mr. Eldridge. Hey, yeah. See my new bike? He’s already seen it. Yeah. Mommy, is he still a stranger? No, honey. This is your Uncle Lyon. Your daddy’s brother. I knew you weren’t really a stranger. That’s him. Attila. A born killer. A real pro. Not some bum we picked off the street. He likes to toy with his opponents. Give them hope. Then he tears them apart. Never seen anything like that in our circuit. And that’s why I can’t let you have Lyon just yet. The fight’s already scheduled. But if I get hassled by the French consulate Game or the immigration people Game it’ll screw up everything. So I need your cooperation. And I promise you Game as soon as Attila is finished ripping him apart, I will hand him over to you Game as is.