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Sweet Train Crew And you wouldn’t marry me! That’s why you wanted to marry me, so that you could tell somebody that you were in the CIA? No, of course not. You lied to me for three years and you were good at it. I think you actually enjoyed it. Can we have a minute, please? No, you can’t. I would like to talk to Jack alone. This is geopolitics, it’s not couples therapy. Do I really have to remind you what’s at stake here, Jack? There’s a very real scenario here where we don’t get out of this alive. Any of us. And neither do a lot of innocent people back home. Now, we had about eight minutes to discuss this little Game This little development. We just used four of them. We don’t need you to break into Lemkov’s computer, just into the office next to his. You plug this into any outlet that shares the same wall with him. We use the building’s own electrical wiring to access Lemkov’s hard drive. How much time will he need to run the program? Five, six minutes, including movement. HARPER: So the answer to your question, yes. minutes at the table ought to do it. All right. HARPER: You know, we catch a few breaks, we can all be headed home on a plane by midnight. Cherevin will be at dinner in Game Cathy. HARPER: minutes. Then I should get dressed. Cathy. I like her. If Cherevin touches her, I’ll kill him. It’s just dinner, Jack. The most he can do is look. And to be honest, we need him to. UPBEAT POP MUSIC PLAYING ON STEREO Good morning. Morning. Do you know what happened three years ago today? You agreed to stop wearing cargo shorts? CHUCKLES I did. I did, it broke my heart. All that storage capacity. Incredible. Incredible shorts. No, but once I did agree to make pants a part of the new me, you finally agreed to go out with me. Well, I couldn’t very well date a patient, could I? Could you marry one? ‘Cause I’m in love with you, Doctor. Oh, my God. I’d appreciate it if you would wear the ring in public. I left it in the hotel room. I know. I found it. He’s expecting to meet my fiancée. And this is his driver. So please don’t embarrass me.