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Get this junk off the table! You’re ruining these valuable newspapers. That junk happens to be our anniversary lunch. Where are you going? I’ve gotta organize Mayer, the press Games Oh, and Gilbert Harding! But the food’s ready! Listen, Maisie doll, when I’m cooking, you shouldn’t be! I even got some wine! Red wine! Well, keep it warm! I hate wine! I hate meatballs! And I hate agents! I wish I could hate your method of lovin’ I wish I could hate those dangerous charms But what’s a girl gonna do who hates to love you When she loves to hate in your arms? I’m longing to loathe your lovable laughter I want to be footloose, fancy and free But when I’m footloose and free, it’s you I fancy Oh, worry, go-lucky me I wish I could kill our beautiful friendship I wish I could douse your passionate flame But what’s a girl gonna do who aims to miss you When she’s always missing her aim? I’d like to forget past, present and future If only my head and heart could agree But you’re my past and my future at the present Don’t know if I hate to love you or love to hate you Worry, go-lucky me One, two, three. I arranged to get my boy national advertising, a minute programme, weekend peak viewing, and you haven’t even got his disc out yet! He sings on this programme? What else can he do? Interview the Queen Mother? Fix a recording session this afternoon. This afternoon? Don’t give me problems! Fix it! Your boy’s disc will be in the shops late on Monday. Satisfied? Satisfied. You’ve made a wise decision, Mr Mayer. This will restore the public’s faith in Garrick Records. I suppose he’s a likeable fellow. Cosmorama. Which studio, please? Studio six. Got an appointment? Special urgent delivery. Gilbert Harding. Personal. I’ll phone him through. Oh, it’s more than my job’s worth to keep him waiting. Hey, you’ve got to be announced! I’m not proud. Yes, I know, boy, I know. You may very well be right. But my personal view has always been very strong. The Archbishop should come in through there. Oh, my dear Mr Harding. I’d like