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I want you to grab him right in the act. You don’t need me to get him. Call headquarters. They’ll be glad to get an advance notice on a burglary. If Mr. Stewart were simply arrested, taken down and booked Games Games it would be rather ticklish. Unless I spring him within a few hours, he might start singing. What do you want me to do? Kill him for resisting arrest? Oh, no. Nothing so crude. Rough him up a little bit if you have to. Slip the handcuffs on him and shove him in the back of the police car. Then take him over the Indiana state line. Why? He’ll only come right back. No. The Indiana police are looking for him. A slight case of manslaughter. A year or two in the penitentiary. Seems like an awfully roundabout way to get rid of somebody. I don’t exactly want to get rid of him. What he needs is a lesson in ethics. I’ll let him cool for a few months in the Indiana jail. Then I’ll step in and obtain his release. He will be grateful to me and our relationship will be resumed. There’s just one hitch. Oh yes, of course. I forgot the most important thing. There’s five thousand dollars in this. Let’s call it a gift for whatever is your favorite charity. That’s a lot of money. But when I have an important errand done for me I Games Games I’m an extremely benevolent man. Obviously. Game That’s not what I meant. Game No? What then? Tonight I’m unavailable. Not while I’m wearing this. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow will be too late. The time is tonight. It won’t work. I’m not going to try it. Yes, you will. And I’ll tell you why. Hayes has been palling around with a young kid. Sort of a sidekick. The kid hasn’t become involved in anything yet. But if Hayes continues to be on the local scene Games Games little Stubby is going to be in deep. And you’ll be looking up at him in the police lineup. Holding his cap in his hand. And blinking at the lights in his face. Any particular corner on the Indiana line you want Hayes Stewart dumped on? Third and E Street. He’ll be there.