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Tank Attack of the poor. And when it comes to helping the poor through charity, you may be surprised at who cares the most. Meet Arthur Brooks, head of the American Enterprise institute. One of the things that we typically find in our modern conversation about who’s charitable is that folks who believe in greater government transfers, more income redistribution, they believe they’re the most charitable members of society. When you look at the data, a different picture emerges. What we really find is that folks who are on the conservative side, especially the religious conservative side, give away the most. About four times as much. About four times as much of their resources as people who are on the secular left. And if you’re struggling in America, is it still possible to pull yourself up? I believed that my problems were somebody else’s fault. I believed that America was so inherently racist that I didn’t need to mainstream. And I believed that the poor were poor because the wealthy were wealthy. I met with my friend Star Parker. You were on welfare for how long? I was in and out seven years, but threeandahalf years consistently. Did it ever occur to you to go looking for work and if not, why not? Why bother? Why would I go out and find work when somebody else was willing to send me a check on the st and the th? My life go in a little black hole. And that’s where I was living. When some people looked me in the eye and pointed their finger in my face and told me my lifestyle was unacceptable to God, and when they said that, I didn’t even know there were churches, but there was something about their conviction that got my attention. I finally went to church with them and heard the gospel and I changed and I went back to college. I got a degree. I started a business. And now I run an organization today and am a nationally syndicated columnist and an author. For me, Star Parker is the quintessential American. She draws on those classic American virtues that Tocqueville talked about, individual initiative, community, faith, to help herself and others.